It’s essay season in Edinburgh. There are high winds (seriously, we nearly hit gale force today) and I have high expectations on this spring day. I’m crunching through a marine policy paper and am blessing the folks who designed bibliography referencing software. I am infamous around the geosciences postgrad group as the unofficial Endnote ambassador. I attended a workshop offered by the Institute for Academic Development in the fall and converted immediately. Among many other functions, I can, in minutes :

1) search databases such as WebofKnowledge and Scopus

2) export article titles, authors, abstracts and other bibliographical information directly onto my desktop

3) search almost-every-single university database in two clicks

4) have a topic/keyword/date sorted library of relevant pdf files.

5) cite-as-I-write insert citations into my writing and have a bibliography created magically.


Highly recommend you consider Endnote or Mendeley and help yourself. #worksmart


About aditigarg

Anecdotes and articles from a Saskatchewan grad student in Scotland. MSc Enivronment, Culture and Society taking Ecological Economics, Principles of GIS and Values in Environment.
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5 Responses to Bibliographies!

  1. I prefer Mendeley instead 🙂


  2. sarafilippa says:

    jep, you are the the unofficial Endnote ambassador! You got me totally enthusiastic about it (didn’t figure out all functions yet you mentioned here, but still!)


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