Head of School Scholarship

Last year I applied to The School of GeoSciences Head of School Scholarships. This year, the application deadline is 14 June 2014 and you can download the application form here: http://www.ed.ac.uk/schools-departments/student-funding/postgraduate/international/science-engineering/head-geos

It’s a very easy application and I found out I had been selected for the award mid-July, which was a very pleasant surprise! It was great to be recognized by the university and to feel a bit less financial stress for the school year. I’m very thankful for opportunities such as this provided by the University of Edinburgh. You can also find other scholarships here: http://www.ed.ac.uk/schools-departments/student-funding/search-scholarships

As a Canadian international student undertaking research in Canada, I wish I had known about The Foundation for Canadian Studies in the United Kingdom that offers bursaries for travel and research. Their application deadlines are a bit earlier, so check the site frequently.



About aditigarg

Anecdotes and articles from a Saskatchewan grad student in Scotland. MSc Enivronment, Culture and Society taking Ecological Economics, Principles of GIS and Values in Environment.
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