An introduction…

Hello! My name is Addie, and I’m from Austin, Texas! Quite far from home, I know. I actually moved to Edinburgh without ever visiting. It was certainly a gamble, but I’m really enjoying it so far. Edinburgh is absolutely beautiful, I love the combination of nature, history, and city life.


I’m currently in my second year of the Geography MA programme, however this is actually my first year in Edinburgh, because I chose the direct entry option when I applied. I’ve always loved Geography, ever since I participated in a Geography Bee when I was fourteen years old. I am interested in both the human and physical sides of geography, however I am slightly more into the economic and political areas of geography.

In my free time I enjoy doing a lot of different sorts of activities, from travel to photography and drawing to visiting museums Β to walking my dog to football (not the American kind) to archery. I also enjoy lots of different television shows… I swear I’ve watched half of Netflix’s inventory, however I’m cutting back on that because I don’t have nearly as much free time anymore! This year I am a part of the Geography society, German Society, Vegetarian society, and a couple different societies focused on international development and humanitarian aid.


One thing I’m most excited for this year is an event I am participating in through Edinburgh RAG. Another Geography student and I will be one of 60 teams hitchhiking from Edinburgh to Paris for charity. We chose to support BEAT, a leading UK eating disorder charity. I’m quite thrilled to be participating, however I’ll admit I’m a bit nervous!

Anyway, I am looking forward to this year and can’t wait to share my experiences with you!



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