A brief introduction to me

Hi there,

My name is Tom, I’m English, 26 and I am studying for a taught masters in Ecological Economics – the view that the economy is contained within the ecosystem and that infinite growth is impossible!

I graduated from the University of Southampton in 2011 and have spent the last 5 years working office jobs to fuel my passion of travelling, I have been fortunate to have now seen a lot of the world; Australia, South Eastern Asia, India, China, South America, this year I took the Trans-Mongolian railway all the way from Hong Kong to Tallinn, Estonia over 2 ½ months!

The train from Ulaan-Bataar to Moscow

I have been to Edinburgh a few times before, once for the world famous Fringe Festival, once to visit a friend who was studying as an undergraduate here and once on my way to T in the Park! I’ve always been impressed with the friendliness and openness of the Scottish people, perhaps that is just a contrast from London. I hope that once I graduate I can get a job and live here permanently.
I moved to Scotland for a variety of reasons, first and foremost is the beautiful countryside, highlands, lochs and islands that are less than a couple of hours away from Edinburgh, I’ve managed to get in early and have already been to the Highland twice. I have moved to Scotland with my long term girlfriend and I hope I can show you my view of Edinburgh, a slightly older, more settled view, but one that is no less active and busy.


Members of Ecological Economics standing in Loch Voil in the Scottish highlands.

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