time . is . flying.

Wow Its mid-October…can I even call it that? It’s the 21st. How has time gone so fast…dammit that means its only 4 days till the next essay is due. What fun. But they do say that time flies when you are having fun.

Inline image 2

It’s almost certainly everything but the lectures which are enjoyable part of uni. Meeting new friends, bumping into people I met in first year, avoiding those places I went last year (although the meadows on a Saturday night isn’t really that bad) and just generally being a student. I guess those days when I make it to lectures on time, and I understand whats going on, im not falling asleep, my pen is working… those days are a bonus. And yes sometimes lectures are really interesting. I think its random facts I like the best (hopefully im not just memorising them in case of pub quizzes). Did you know that a bear desnt actually hibernate? Their metabolism and body heat don actually drop that much; really wat they do is called torpor.  Also the potato and the sweet potato aren’t even in the same taxonomical family. Also the shape of a leaf has a big influence on it’s temperature. Leaves with serrations – called teeth break up the eddies around the leaf and create turbulence. Is that getting a bit nerdy? Am I getting to excited be science. Oh well.

In any case; sweet corn kernels were originally black not yellow…and that just seems strange

And another thing I’ve learnt…

Tengo que escribir mi ensayo.


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