Week Eight: Eight Weeks in the lab

Hello! Here are some things that have been happening in my life as a GIS Masters student so far! Study has been keeping me very busy for sure, but it’s been a good kind of busy  🙂

  • Long days in the computer labs, with your fellow students, going through the shared experience of long days in the computer labs
  • Getting to walk down the Royal Mile every day to get from my dorm to the GeoSciences building, tourist-watching and spotting new buildings I haven’t noticed before
  • Studying a huge range of really useful practical skills – GIS, SQL, Python, R, website building, project management, drones!
  • Getting to go on a field trip to Kindrogan, a remote country field centre south of the Cairngorms; a big weekend of group project work where my team headed into the woods to count trees (lots and lots of trees), but where we still got a few small windows to see some extremely nice Scottish countryside (deer, starry skies, salmon jumping up a waterfall!)
  • Eating lots of scones
  • Going on big walks to try and explore different parts of Edinburgh and sneaking in some day trips close to town – Linlithgow Castle has been my favourite so far!
  • Getting a lot of great weather for big walks around the city. Back home there’s a big misconception that Scotland is ‘grey and rainy’ all the time. Not true! There have been a lot of blue, sunny (if maybe bit colder than Australia) days.
  • Regular drinks with classmates in the library (/Library Bar)
  • Taking advantage of student memberships to the old cinemas in the city and trying to get out to see movies when I can!
  • Getting to see the Australian national rugby team play Scotland!
  • Watching the Christmas markets get set up on Princes St out my window. This year is going incredibly fast, but bring on Christmas in Edinburgh!

About Charlie

Current GIS Masters student at the University of Edinburgh Fan of the universe
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