MSc Walking Writing Workshop in Dunkeld

The MSc in Environment, Culture and Society course took a field trip on 1st May to Dunkeld and Birnam in Perthshire to experience a fantastic writing workshop conducted by Scottish writer Linda Cracknell in advance of our commencing work on our dissertations.  She put our cohort through a series of exercises where we learned how to enrich our writing through giving a voice to the subjects of our work, whether human or not.  We learned to ‘see’ nature through hearing it, smelling it, and feeling it.  After a delicious lunch at the Birnam Arts Centre, we put our newly-acquired writing arts to work, and each shared what inspired us with the rest of the rest of the group.

Not only did we get a fantastic workshop from Ms. Cracknell, but the trip afforded us an opportunity to experience the wondrous nature of Perthershire, not to mention a very enjoyable scenic train ride up from Edinburgh and back.  On a personal note, travel by train is a great way to experience Scotland’s unparalleled beauty.  It could only add to a writing workshop that was fantastic in its own right.

Many thanks to Prof. Emily Brady for organising this field trip, one that all of us thoroughly enjoyed.



About Jeff W. Justice

I am an MSc student in Environment, Culture and Society at the University of Edinburgh. I also hold a Ph.D in Political Science from Texas Tech University. I have research interests in environmental political behaviour and in issues related to water access and governance. I'm also a baseball and ice hockey addict.
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