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I am an MEarthSci Geology student at the University of Edinburgh.

My University Courses Part 3: Politics in a changing World: An Introduction for non-specialists

Overall: In first year I took this politics course as my outside subject. It taught me why I shouldn’t take any outside subjects. Don’t get me wrong the course itself was educational. It informed me of important world issues. However … Continue reading

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Civics Education in Secondary Schools

A couple of months ago I entered into a competition to write about politics. I wrote an article about the importance of civics education and how it could be brought back in Scotland. I am aware that this blog is … Continue reading

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My University Courses Part 2: Evolution of the Living Earth

Evolution of the Living Earth This course is more Environmental Science than Geology. It is a good counterpart to Earth Dynamics as it explains how life and geology interact to create Earth as we know it today. The course contained … Continue reading

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My Travels Around Scotland: Arbroath

Last year I wrote a blog post for the RSGS about Arbroath. I consider it a neat little thing, so I hope you don’t mind if I share it with you:  

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My University Courses Part 1: Earth Dynamics

Updates… Within my blog I shall start two series: One concerning the subjects I took and currently studying. The other, a travel series where I will talk about the places I visited in Scotland and found them interesting. Onto the … Continue reading

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An Introduction…

My name is Hunor Deák. I am a second year geology student at the University of Edinburgh. I deeply enjoy the subject of geology. My interests are wide spread, ranging from Paleontology to Volcanology. So far I’ve been enjoying the … Continue reading

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