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My Travels Around Scotland: Arbroath

Last year I wrote a blog post for the RSGS about Arbroath. I consider it a neat little thing, so I hope you don’t mind if I share it with you:   Advertisements

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Here You Go! Your Top 5 Questions About Our School Answered

During the just concluded Innovative learning Week (ILW), I was on the virtual student panel where incoming students were able to ask current students questions about Geosciences. I did this twice; on Tuesday and Thursday, and each time we had … Continue reading

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My Favourite Study Spots in Edinburgh.

I squealed in delight when I first received my schedule of classes sometime in August because I was pleased to have classes only three days a week. My older brother was quick to inform me that I would be too … Continue reading

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How to Get a Full Scholarship for your Masters.

I’ve just returned from London where I spent the weekend at the reception for my scholarship. It’s an honor for me to have received this scholarship and after meeting the other scholars from around the world, I’m reminded of how … Continue reading

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6 Things About the UK You’ll Need to Adjust to.

In my 3 weeks here, I’ve noticed a bunch of distinct differences between the UK and the other countries I’ve lived in (Nigeria and the USA). So, I’ve written down 6 big ones. Who knows, you might have noticed them too: … Continue reading

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Before I Cross the Mediterranean Sea for an ED-ucation…

Tomorrow, I’ll be hopping on a plane from Lagos, Nigeria to Edinburgh, Scotland to begin my Master’s Degree program. I’m blessed with a full scholarship and the soul of a nomad so this is another opportunity to invest in my … Continue reading

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Years of Living Dangerously

Years of Living Dangerously is a new documentary series that tells the story of  how human contribution to climate change is affecting people’s lifestyles, industries, and even international affairs in places like the US and other vulnerable locations around the world. The show brings … Continue reading

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