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Great Places to See: Edinburgh

The University of Edinburgh is an important part of the city. It played a key role in its history and contributes so much to the local economy. The students call the city their home where they spend most of their … Continue reading

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Civics Education in Secondary Schools

A couple of months ago I entered into a competition to write about politics. I wrote an article about the importance of civics education and how it could be brought back in Scotland. I am aware that this blog is … Continue reading

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My Travels Around Scotland: Arbroath

Last year I wrote a blog post for the RSGS about Arbroath. I consider it a neat little thing, so I hope you don’t mind if I share it with you:  

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time . is . flying.

Wow Its mid-October…can I even call it that? It’s the 21st. How has time gone so fast…dammit that means its only 4 days till the next essay is due. What fun. But they do say that time flies when you … Continue reading

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6 Things About the UK You’ll Need to Adjust to.

In my 3 weeks here, I’ve noticed a bunch of distinct differences between the UK and the other countries I’ve lived in (Nigeria and the USA). So, I’ve written down 6 big ones. Who knows, you might have noticed them too: … Continue reading

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Carbon Management Students enjoying Skittles at the Sheeps Heid

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