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My opinion on the USS/UCU Protests

Blog post outlying my opinion on the UCU strikes. Continue reading

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Edinburgh Food Guide

Having almost reached the end of my four years in this beautiful city (cry), it’s fair to say I’ve been lucky enough to sample an array of Edinburgh’s culinary offerings. And let me tell you, it really does have a … Continue reading

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Great Places to See: Edinburgh

The University of Edinburgh is an important part of the city. It played a key role in its history and contributes so much to the local economy. The students call the city their home where they spend most of their … Continue reading

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Civics Education in Secondary Schools

A couple of months ago I entered into a competition to write about politics. I wrote an article about the importance of civics education and how it could be brought back in Scotland. I am aware that this blog is … Continue reading

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My Travels Around Scotland: Arbroath

Last year I wrote a blog post for the RSGS about Arbroath. I consider it a neat little thing, so I hope you don’t mind if I share it with you:  

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time . is . flying.

Wow Its mid-October…can I even call it that? It’s the 21st. How has time gone so fast…dammit that means its only 4 days till the next essay is due. What fun. But they do say that time flies when you … Continue reading

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6 Things About the UK You’ll Need to Adjust to.

In my 3 weeks here, I’ve noticed a bunch of distinct differences between the UK and the other countries I’ve lived in (Nigeria and the USA). So, I’ve written down 6 big ones. Who knows, you might have noticed them too: … Continue reading

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Carbon Management Students enjoying Skittles at the Sheeps Heid

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