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Environmental Protection and Management (EPM)- What is it?

When I am asked what programme I am studying I always get a blank look when I answer “Environmental Protection and Management”. The blank look of ‘what is that? What do you study? What does that mean?’ is apparent. Because … Continue reading

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Where can Geosciences take me after graduation? A few potential career paths…

I am often asked, “Why did you choose to study Environmental Geoscience?” Many people seem to think it is a very specific, niche choice and I’m sure what some of them really mean by that question is, “Where on earth … Continue reading

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My opinion on the USS/UCU Protests

Blog post outlying my opinion on the UCU strikes. Continue reading

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My Experience of Geoscience

Geosciences is a broad discipline that ranges across science and humanities, drawing connections between them.  However my experience of studying geography as a social science specifically, has further broadened my understanding of what geosciences can be, which is what makes … Continue reading

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Scotland’s wildlife – World Wildlife Day

The 3rd of March is World Wildlife Day! Many organisation use this to raise awareness of the big biodiversity and conservation issues of our time. The big cats, elephants, pandas and penguins battling for top spot. In terms of Scotland, … Continue reading

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The online MSc Carbon Management at the University of Edinburgh: My experiences studying online

It was with cautious steps that I finally decided to apply for the Masters I had wanted to do since completing my undergraduate degree, an alarming 17 years ago.  I have been working full time since then and although I’ve … Continue reading

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Networking at The ECCI

While GeoSciences is largely based at the King’s building campus, all of the Ecosystem Services compulsory courses, as well as others, take place in lecture rooms in the ECCI (Edinburgh Centre for Carbon Innovation). Not far from central campus and … Continue reading

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Edinburgh Food Guide

Having almost reached the end of my four years in this beautiful city (cry), it’s fair to say I’ve been lucky enough to sample an array of Edinburgh’s culinary offerings. And let me tell you, it really does have a … Continue reading

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Why ecosystem services?

I’m from the exotic south of England, Hertfordshire to be more precise. I moved a little further north to Manchester to study Geography for my undergrad. After a couple of years of working and travelling I decided to move even … Continue reading

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Why (and how) I quit my job to pursue a MSc in Marine Systems & Policies

I had a great job with a satisfying pay. My office overlooked the entire skyline of the Financial District, Nathan Philips Square and the Toronto Sign with Lake Ontario in the background calling me out like a child reaching for your hand to play. The line where lake met sky beckoned me and reminded me that there was always something more — something beyond suits and fancy glass buildings.. Continue reading

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