Follow individual students as they share their experiences and thoughts about their University of Edinburgh experiences. If you would like to create your own #MyYearGeoPGT memory page please e-mail marketing@geos.ed.ac.uk

Class of 2015

MSc Ecological Economics
Head over to Scotland’s Rural College (SRUC) pages to read more about their recent study tour to South Africa. Great pictures of animals in the games reserve!
MSc Ecological Economics South Africa study tour blog

Student reflections on the South Africa study tour

DaisyMalt, MSc Environmental Sustainability:
Living and Studying in Edinburgh
Returning to University as a postgraduate

From Scotland to Sri Lanka- Challenges Worldwide: Part 1 and Part 2

Funmi Oy, MSc Environment and Development

Benedikt Klus,Β MSc Geographical Information Science

Alex Lewis-Jones MSc Carbon Management
Procrastination and climate change

Class of 2014

Marco Moras, MSc Carbon Management

Aditi Garg, MSc Environment, Culture and Society

Sara Brouwer, MSc Environment, Culture and Society


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